Nishiyama Paper-made Japanese Calendar 2022

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The 2022 calendar of Nishiyama Seimen will be sold exclusively at  official online shop. 

This calendar is made of Japanese washi paper and designed with the this year's Asian zodiac animal: the tiger.
This paper made in Mino city (Gifu prefecture) has a very long history and is created following traditional Japanese methods. It is a work of art that carries on the tradition of more than 1300 years to this day. 

A calendar with a delicate and delicate texture and warmth. Just for you! 

Size: 470mm x 740mm 

* Shipping cost is included in this price. 
* Only Calendar sold. The hanging scroll is not included. 
* Since the packaging form is different from the one for ramen products, if purchased together, the items will be shipped separately.