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【Made in Sapporo. Sent directly to Germany】

NISHIYAMA RAMEN ONLINE offers a set of yellow wavy noodles by Nishiyama's select Miso sauce based on tare sauce. Sapporo Miso ramen set is made in Sapporo Japan.

Noodles made of 100% Hokkaido wheat. Created with a perfect combination of different wheat and a unique manufacturing method, these noodles have a bright surface and elastic texture that are both very characteristic of Sapporo ramen.
Their waviness fits perfectly into Miso ramen soup.

As noodles and Miso sauce are free of animal products, this Sapporo Miso ramen set is ideal for VEGAN ramen.

Price per portion:5.85EUR (Local pick up in Dusseldorf)
Price per portion:8.85EUR (incl. DPD Express Delivery charge)

 Yakisoba(Gebratene Nudeln) Rezept


  • 100% Hokkaido wheat made Sapporo ramen 5 portions ×1
  • Special Miso tare 5 packs

■Shipping box

In order to keep the quality of our products during transport by parcel delivery, 
products are packed in a styrofoam box and cooled by blue ice(or dry ice) .

Keep the products in the fridge. you will see the expiry date on the leaflet in the delivery.
In case it takes up to 4 days to get the products, you can still eat it.

■How to cook

<Preparing from chilled noodles>


1. Gently loosen the noodles sticking in a ball.
    ※be careful to not pull the noodles.
2. Boil plenty of hot water in a large pot.
3. Put in the hot water the noodles being careful to not stick them.
4. After 1:30-2 minutes of boiling, drain the water.
    ※if the boiling water seems to spill out add water in the pot

<How to have a great firmness>

Boil with plenty of hot water. Try to keep the temperature as high as possible Drain the noodles while a little harder than usual.


Dilute one bag of tare (250 cc) with hot water or dashi broth and then eat.

■Raw ingredients


Wheat Flour, Water, Modified Starch(E1442), Lye Water(E500,E501), Alcohol(E1510), Wheat Protein, Edible Processing Oils and Fats(Reduced Sugar Syrup,Rapeseed Oil), Salt, Riboflavin-Color(E101)

MISO sauces

Miso(Soybean),  Vegetable Oil(Palm, Rapeseed), Water, Flavor Enhancer(Amino Acids)(E621,E631), Soy Sauce(Wheat, Soybean), Sesame, Sugar, Alcohol(E1510), Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Caramel Color(E150a), Flavor(Sesame, Soybean), Chili Pepper, Antioxidant(Vitamin E) (E306)(Soybean), Green Laver Powder, Green Perila Powder



  • Calories : 1180.2KJ / 281kcal
  • Total Fat : 1.3g
  • Saturates : 0.2g
  • Carbohydrates : 52.9g
  • Sugar : 1.1g
  • Protein : 8.2g
  • Salt : 1.5g

Servings Size per 100g

MISO sauces

  • Calories : 1587.6KJ/378kcal
  • Total Fat : 29.0g
  • Saturates : 5.81g
  • Carbohydrates : 17.1g
  • Sugar : 7.1g
  • Protein : 8.9g
  • Salt : 10.2g

Servings Size per 100g

reference intake of an average adult


Wheat, sesame, soy

■How to store

Keep refrigerated

■Best before

14days after shipping (for refrigerated products)

The expiration date is stated on the food labeling sheet included with the delivery.

* Products are manufactured in Sapporo (Japan), and are handled and stored at -20 degrees or less, during transportation from Japan to Germany, where they are stored.
After thawing, you can enjoy noodles deliciously without any quality problems within 2 weeks if kept in refrigerator.

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