We are commited to superior noodles exclusively manifactured by us.

Since its founding, Nishiyama Seimen has been offering such noodles as expected by their customers, without compromising tradition.

Listening to our customers, we have been able to develop our know-how and improve our manufacturing technic.

Ramen has evolved into a global trend and new markets are emerging all over the world.
We will go on working hard in order to make the best quality noodles. Our employees will keep an open ear in order to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

We are not afraid of new challenges, they help us get better.

Our commitment

We have the know-how to develop more than 500 kinds of recipes.

About 300 types of dough are made by mixing flour and water at our company. By changing the shape of the dough or by using different mixers that have distinctive pressure and speed; elasticity, hardness, aroma and aging of the noodles will have their own distinctive characteristics.

Our noodles can be used in more than 500 recipes. In recent years, the number of ramen shops in Sapporo that serve different kinds of ramen has increased. For this reason, we produce a range of noodles going from Sapporo-style yellow polyhydric wavy egg noodles to Hakata-type low-hydration thin straight noodles .

Committed to high standards noodles.

We started manufacturing the noodles in 1953. the quality of the different sorts of wheat we use has improved over the last decades therefore the final product characteristics such as aroma and elasticity have developed a lot. But good ingredients alone don’t ensure a good taste. As there are professional chefs in the world of cooking, there are similarly also certified craftsmen in the world of noodles. In Japan, you can even get a national license as a noodle maker technician. Currently there are only about 2,700 people with such a license in the whole country, and Nishiyama Seimen has 23 of them among the manufacturers, being the highest number for a factory. We strive to maintain quality not only by selecting the wheat but also adjusting the amount of water and flour, adapting the mixing time according to outside temperature and climate, as well as checking raw material conditions or the kneading level of the dough.

Committed to each ingredient

Wheat selected exclusively for ramen is blended with craftsmanship.

Flour in Japan is milled by grinding the center of the wheat according to its final purpose. Then, there are many small milling machines, so that the different kinds of flour made by different types of wheat from different growing conditions are not mixed. This brings out the characteristics of each harvesting area in aroma and texture.

Nishiyama Seimen uses about 60 types of wheat flour blended to give the taste and texture texture customers expect.

We use the natural underground water coming from Lake Shikotsu to ensure a natural taste of our noodles.

Nishiyama Seimen uses groundwater pumped from 200m underground. The groundwater comes from Lake Lake Shikotsu located inside a national forest near Sapporo. The construction of buildings and roads around it is regulated. Located on a vulcano it produces high-quality groundwater because gases are filtered by the stratum of volcanic ash (rich alkaline) which lies on its bottom. In addition, the ㏗ is neutral, and alkaline level is around 7.5, indicating a well balanced water for raw noodles.