「Wow, these noodles are tasty !!」

Ever experienced this while eating RAMEN? 

Founded in 1953 Nishiyama Seimen was the first company in the World to make yellow wavy noodles for Miso-ramen.
Today, their noodles are used by more than 3,000 restaurants in Japan.

Nishiyama Seimen is always committed to providing high quality noodles.
 Wheat selected exclusively for ramen is blended with craftsmanship and 
the natural underground water coming from a Japan’s national forest is used in the making.

We distribute the same noodles in the EU that we sell in Japan. 
Our noodles are entirely made in Sapporo and sent directly to Germany.

「Wow, these noodles are tasty !!」

Yes, because they are made with passion!