Ready to eat! How to prepare a delicious Nishiyama miso ramen at home!

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Ready to eat! How to prepare a delicious Nishiyama miso ramen at home!

A recipe created by Sapporo Nishiyama always seeking the best quality in corporation with other ramen restaurants since 1953.


  • 1 piece of Nishiyama sapporo ramen noodles
  • 1 pack  of Nishiyama aged miso soup
  • 80g of minced pork meat
  • 50g of Chinese cabbage
  • 50 g of green welsh onion
  • 10g of white onion
  • 20g of onion slices
  • 3 pieces of garlic
  • 20g of corn
  • olive oil
  • boiled water (250 cc)
  • bamboo sprout (we aree not selling them. Please use the ones you find in stores. 

※Of course you can add the vegetables you prefer!

First, check out the links below to find out how to cook noodles.

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■Cut Chinese cabbage into 5 cm length parts and cut them into thin and long pieces.

■ Prepare the water to boil the noodles


Step 1. Making a fragrant oil

■  Crush the garlic using the balde face of a kitchen knife.


■ Put in a frypan olive oil (or sunflower oil) and warm up on low heat

■Heat the garlic and green onions on low heat until they become crispy.


■Pour the oil inside a cup. You have prepared the fragrant oil.


Step 2 Preparing the ramen

■Heat the fragrant oil inside the frypan

■When it smokes, then add minced meat. Loosen the meat softly.

■When the minced meat is almost cooked, add Chinese cabbage and onions and fry.

■Put 250cc of water and aged miso soup (or soy sauce sauce tare) in a frying pan.

■ Add 1 tablespoon of fragrant oil to a frying pan.

■Boil the noodles (boiling time 1 minute and half)

■ Pour only the soup from the frying pan into a bowl

■ Drain the noodles well and quickly put them in the bowl.

■ Add stir-fried vegetables and minced meat in the bowl

■ Put white onion, corn, Bamboo sprout and your favorite toppings on and your miso ramen done!



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