How to cook delicious Nishiyama ramen noodles

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How to cook delicious Nishiyama ramen noodles

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Nishiyama ramen we will summarize how to cook noodles and which are the precautions for handling the product.

Please read this article carefully in order to have a great ramen bowl at home!

Set the boiling time for around 1m30s to 2 minutes over high heat 

Now we want to introduce you 3 ways of preparing a perfect bowl.

  1. Loosen the noodles
  2. Put the noodles in a bag to avoid dehydration
  3. Boil plenty of water in a pot with a lid

1.Loosen the noodles

(↑↑ After loosening the noodles)

Loosen the noodles as shown in the picture above. Avoid pulling the noodles.

This process is very important in making ramen. If you put the noodles directly into hot water without loosening them, the noodles will stick and won’t cook well. 

Noodles which are well loosened give a greater taste.


2.Put the noodles in a bag to avoid dehydration

The picture below is a bad example.

Be sure to close the bag as shown in the picture above to prevent the noodles from coming into direct contact with the air. Raw noodles are very delicate.

(The noodles on the left have dried out.)

As mentioned above, if the noodles are left in contact with air, the noodles on the surface will dry out and become hard. Even boiled in water they remain hard.
The consistence of the noodles will be affected.

3.Boil plenty of water in a pot with a lid

The key to boiling noodles deliciously is to boil them firmly over high heat in a short time.

It is very important to not lower the temperature of the hot water. Noodles taken out of the refrigerator are cold.

If you put cold noodles in a pot, the water temperature drops. Be sure to boil plenty of water to keep the temperature high after putting the noodles in the water. Cover with a lid. If water is about to spill, add a little cold water.  * Keep firepower always high

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