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Local flavors of ramen exist throughout Japan, representing regional preferences and made from the most popular local ingredients. 

The three major types of ramen in Japan are:

  • Sapporo (Norden)
  • Kitakata (Mitte)
  • Hakata (South)

At Nishiyama you can order the original Sapporo Ramen online. 

Nishiyama Ramen - known and loved since the 1950s

Nishiyama's traditional noodles have been known since the 1950s. At that time, Takayuki Nishiyama was still making the noodles at the “Darumaken” fast food stand, when word got around that the ramen served there was among the best in the area. Back then, you couldn't order ramen online, but he started his own business, supplying ramen shops and later restaurants. 

Launch of the Sapporo Ramen

In 1954 he developed the first miso ramen for the "Aji no Sanpei" restaurant, a specialty that attracted many tourists from the 1960s. By supplying more and more restaurants, ramen quickly became better known. Today, Nishiyama's ramen is recognized as a global brand where customers worldwide can order ramen online to enhance their restaurants or home kitchens. 

Today, every kid in Sapporo knows the popular ramen

Sapporo citizens know, "Delicious noodles mean Nishiyama Seimen." They grew up eating these noodles since Nishiyama Seimen was chosen for elementary school lunches since 1974. Since 1987, Nishiyama Seimen's ramen production has even been featured in the third-grade social studies textbook. And even the factory tour is part of the lesson.

Order Sapporo Ramen online and enjoy a piece of Japan

Private and restaurant customers around the world have started ordering our original ramen online. As before, too renowned Japanese restaurants supplied directly by Nishiyama Seimen. 

These include, for example, the following restaurants, the have sworn by the high quality for decades:

  • Manryu - has used only Nishiyama Seimen noodles since its establishment in 1971
  • Sumire - switched to Nishiyama Seimen because of the excellent quality
  • Musashi - uses Nishiyama Seimen's custom-made noodles

Nishiyama has designed the production according to customers' requests and meanwhile over 400 varieties of ramen on offer. Around 200,000 servings of ramen are produced there every day. 

"The uniqueness of Sapporo Ramen is that you can eat a lot of nutrients in one bowl and get full at the same time" (Nishiyama Hiroshi, General Manager)

Order real Japanese ramen online and prepare it fresh at home

If you are interested in ordering your ramen online, you should also learn how high-quality they are made.


  • Flour – first-class flour brings elasticity
  • Water – groundwater from 200m deep is used to knead the dough


  • Menkai - this is the lumpy raw batter that results from blending
  • Mentai - seasoned menkai dough that has been rolled out and pressed until thin. 

Manufacturing process:

The rolled out, matured pasta sheets are al dente and tasty. They are cut into thin strips with the Kiriha cutting machine. This results in the curly structure of the noodles. This process was developed by the Nishiyama Seimen company itself.

Know-how and quality:

More than 20 pasta technicians work in the company using the latest technology, so that production is at the highest level.

“Our company goal is to make as many people smile with a bowl of ramen as possible. If that succeeds, that makes me happy too.” (Nishiyama Hiroshi, General Manager)

Buy ramen online and benefit from many advantages

At Nishiyama, you can order various ramen online, such as those that Made from 100% Hokkaido wheat and without animal ingredients were made and are therefore also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

If you order the ramen online, you will receive a high-quality noodle product that you can refine at home with your favorite ingredients. Ordering ramen online is the ideal option for Gourmet, the value healthy and high-quality products lay. 

Order ramen online and select top products

You can currently order the following ramen online:

Your advantages when ordering ramen online:

You should order your ramen online from us because…

  • ... our noodles are made directly in Japan
  • ... the Nishiyama noodles are among the most popular in Japan
  • ... the noodles can be processed and prepared in many ways
  • ... the noodles are certified according to international safety standards

Ramen online shop - order now and get fresh ramen

If you order ramen online from us, you will receive the fresh noodles within 5 to 7 days in styrofoam boxes on dry ice (in summer) or on cool packs (in all other months). This allows us to guarantee high quality and freshness. In the shop you will also find other Japanese products as well as many delicious ones recipes on our blog.

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